Is there a parent/teen night?

Yes, the first class night is a mandatory parent and student night where at least one parent/guardian must attend.  There will be ample time for any questions you may have.

What is included in a driver’s education course?

There will be at least 30 hours of classroom instruction plus 10 hours of driving and 10 hours of observation with a certified instructor.

Can a class be missed?

Students are required to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction. Absences are only allowed for good reasons as determined by the instructor following the State guidelines.  Per state rule, If a student misses a class, the student must do makeup work equivalent to the missed class.  Students missing a 2-hour class are assigned a 5-page essay on the material missed.

How many classes can be missed?

No more than two classes or 4 hours total may be missed. Missing more than two classes or 4 hours will result in state-required removal from the program, no refund will be given.

When is driver education required?

Driver Education is required for individuals under the age of 18 who wish to apply for a New Hampshire driver license. To meet this requirement, anyone under 18 must take an approved driver education program.

Can I practice driving anywhere?

Students may only practice within the boundaries of the state of New Hampshire.

What is the refund policy?

There is no refund after the first class session (parent/student night) as by State rule, we cannot replace the student with another once the course has started. If full payment has not been made, by signing the application and policy form you have agreed to pay attorney’s and collection costs should that become necessary.

What do I need to bring to the first day of class?

Registration Forms if not already turned in.
Payment method if not already paid.
Copy of birth certificate/passport and the original document to show the instructor if not already turned in.

What can I use to pay the tuition?

Tuition can be paid by check, cash or credit card.  If using a credit card, we charge the fees that the card processor charges us which is currently $20 on a full tuition payment.  Checks are made payable to Precision Driving School.

When is my teen eligible for driver education?

All students enrolled in a driver’s education course must be at least 15 years and 9 months old by the first day of class.

At what age may I begin to learn to drive?

New Hampshire does not issue learner’s permits, but for the purpose of learning to drive a car, a person who has never previously held a driver’s license may practice driving on New Hampshire roadways under certain conditions.  The driver must be at least 15 1/2 years old and must carry proof of age in the vehicle.

The person learning to drive must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible licensed adult 25 years of age or older with a valid license.  The adult teaching the teen must occupy the right front seat with no one else between them and the driver.

The vehicle used for practice must be a non-commercial vehicle.

Where will my son/daughter meet the instructor for drive times?

The designated meeting location for drive times is at the school where the classroom sessions are being held.  If there are extenuating circumstances, we may be able to pick up a student to complete a drive time.

What if my student misses a drive time?

The policy document indicates that they must give 12 hours notice if they will not be able to make a drive time.  I expect to hear from any student at least the night before a scheduled drive time planned for the next day.  Failure to make these notifications will result in the student having to make an additional payment for a no-show situation as outlined in the policy document.

Do I need a permit to drive in New Hampshire?

No, New Hampshire residents do not need a permit to begin driving. The person learning to drive must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible licensed adult 25 years of age or older with a valid license.